Chris Rowlands & Co.


Valuations for "Help To Buy" Loan Redemption in South and West Yorkshire

Chris Rowlands & Co. are experienced and qualified where valuations are required for the Redemption of Loans under the “Help To Buy” scheme.

The Valuation Requirements are included within the Information Pack from Target HCA

Chris Rowlands & Co satisfy all the qualification criteria and have done many of this type of Report.

Property inspections can generally be accommodated within a few days of being requested and Reports are normally issued a couple of days after inspection.

The Report will be issued by e mail in a PDF format and it can be forwarded to Target HCA.

All inspections and reports are carried out by the Managing Director, Chris Rowlands, a Chartered Surveyor with 43 years’ experience in property.

Professional indemnity insurance to £1m is underwritten through Lloyds.